Metallic Silver Wedding Inspiration Board

I am so excited to show you the finished product of  what we have been working on I can not wait any longer!

I cant show you pictures yet they are under lock and key for a little while longer…

I can show you our inspiration board !!!

Hope you love this as much as I do !!!

Renee xx



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Sprinkle’s Theme Party and D.I.Y Oreo’s on a stick !

I have a soft spot for a sprinkles theme party.

Its something about all those beautiful little balls of colour all mixed together. They SCREAM FUN!!!

I came across this delightful sprinkles party on Hostess With the Mostess today whilst looking for a oreo diy tutorial and thought I had to share!.

I love the sprinkle clip for a favor, the sprinkle covered favors frame and marshmallows.

 I hope you enjoy these pictures and please click on the link to go to the full story and gallery of this delightfully sweet birthday party.

spinkled-marshmallows sprinkled-with-love (1) sprinkle-party-favors

Now onto serious business of chocolate covered Oreo’s on a STICK !!

Oh!, Oh! and sprinkles covered oreo’s !!!

Oreo’s + Chocolate = Bliss

Sprinkles rolled oreo’s pipe some cream icing along the white centre and roll oreo in sprinkles simple!


Break oreo’s in half, attach pop stick to center with chocolate close oreo and let it set.

Dip the oreo in white chocolate melts, roll in sprinkles. So amazingly simple with maximum affect !


Enjoy making your chocolate covered oreo’s !

Renee xx

pictures from Hostess with The Mostess blog and Pinterest

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F is For Friday Favorite Finds

This week is all about food vans… now lets talk about these delightful little food traveling vans.

Gone are the days of the stinky old food van with the sweaty man inside cooking you a burger.

These delightful vans have evolved into restaurants and cafes on wheels, inviting, clean and just so adorable how could you not purchase food from them!???

They bring a whole new meaning to catering for your function perfect for weddings, birthdays, corporate events the list goes on and on.

They cater from  sweet food, cupcake vans, savory vans, health food vans, pizza vans, bakery, ice cream vans and more.

I love the idea of the vans that set up a seating area for clients to sit down and relax whilst eating their meal or sweets.


Renee xx

 1ec7a5e729ebc65543153fea809f8ca5             1ecb52b20817113d10bd6e6fd0dab3ea                  2bbc70a174e403b4f272f73a70044d40


Kelly and Jed's wedding on June 1, 2013. Photo by Ellen Jaskol.


4f29d5755c6b6830f4e41e7104090a75              58cb592f5965614a8f7e41c75eefcf23




Pictures from pinetrest

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Geometric Pinata D.I.Y

Geometric is very popular at the moment and I just adore these delightful pinata’s.

They look amazing in metallic colour’s !!!







                                            For those of you that LOVE a D.I.Y project pop on over to                                                                                Reveiller’s blog at                                                       

for the fantastic step by step instructions!


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Winter Wedding Theme

As the snow starts falling on the snow fields of Australia it got me thinking about a winter wedding theme.

There is something about a winter wedding in the snow that I find so romantic.

There are some beautiful wedding ceremony and reception venues in Australia’s Mountain’s.

Here are some links to take a look at when your planning your winter wedding and some beautiful winter wedding theme inspiration.




fc051331ab195c26fa21246b5dbd9e22   c024dc9ee9d4d5c7f0dbfd1c8234e4166771811cf2d209161b7e2a76e298852d f559abcc613d0d8d910fc9aa6b9f85f6                                       720bddb37d74e7cf26f0c553ef2418c4



5eebcf3635c51a5c5021c03753ed4c4e      363f8001b83db9349ea16487bc93f80a      87b3e17ca047089e1cd3e8352685455a


Stunning indoor or outdoor ceremonies


49e5a94ca07b983a26a4076cd2beec49                           9e188405b0c365d0d2ce433e3bc64e3e

Cute favors that suit the temperature my favorite is the adult hot chocolate favor. Cocoa, marshmellow’s in a ball jar with a baileys tide to the side or a cup of hot chocolate served from a hot chocolate station for guests to drink in between the ceremony and reception.  Warm blankets for guests to use whilst at the ceremony is a lovely personal touch.

 9d36c0007509d6764b24c1d7c740a104                                               1f91c8e1ed6cbd0de73054c36b962f23





Pictures sourced

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Friday Favorite Finds

This weeks F is for Friday Favorite Finds, we are in love with lace….everything lace.

Lace makes everything so dainty and precious and beautiful.

Lace is so versatile and can add that extra touch to any theme.

We hope you enjoy our Friday Favorite Finds as much as we do this week.

Renee xxx


0fa66705589d54cbbb63ce77dedf3a58 84135eec21248980b683271e967da09823d976911be277c3997726b53b9723d9
55d59ff7b9e625a547a83c5685e07e7b c7be5e79d9adcc0862330743768c438f ce42c185b25a9dbbc261c5d7af85fa9b
eed7d8c9e83b06c121b9ee40dfb3aeee35adadf2c22e9b7536aeb2c69c97003edc6f9ce3213823257db5fc1413425a1eThe beautiful pictures found on google

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F is for Friday Favorite finds

This week for our F is for Friday Favorite Finds, we are all about the newest trend with GEOMETRIC decor !  Who doesn’t LOVE this modern edgy trend???

I will be honest it did take a little while to grown on me and I have seen some shocking examples of the decor but have also seen some great creations! So take a look at all the GEOMETRIC Inspiration we have found!


Renee xx

                    efa0d623b2aa8a2d2c3730b4d73c80d2                                3751e83aaa370213ae6d6195cfd1e70b

                                                                cushion found on Etsy                                                etsy
Light shade found on etsy           Stool found on
etsy1                                                  a6af307c9d1640f212a4a8218d7e045d
 images (1)
Other pictures found in search engine
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