F is For Friday Favorite Finds

This week is all about food vans… now lets talk about these delightful little food traveling vans.

Gone are the days of the stinky old food van with the sweaty man inside cooking you a burger.

These delightful vans have evolved into restaurants and cafes on wheels, inviting, clean and just so adorable how could you not purchase food from them!???

They bring a whole new meaning to catering for your function perfect for weddings, birthdays, corporate events the list goes on and on.

They cater from  sweet food, cupcake vans, savory vans, health food vans, pizza vans, bakery, ice cream vans and more.

I love the idea of the vans that set up a seating area for clients to sit down and relax whilst eating their meal or sweets.


Renee xx

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Kelly and Jed's wedding on June 1, 2013. Photo by Ellen Jaskol.


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Pictures from pinetrest

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