Do what you love and you will never work again!

I often get asked “what do you actually do?”

Honestly by lots of people…

Being a Wedding/Party Planner and Stylist in Melbourne is the best job I could have,  its my passion, it was LOVE at the first crazy idea.

It means thinking about each upcoming event 24/7

Lots of phone calls, meetings and driving around looking for the perfect piece.

Meeting and working with like minded people that understand my thoughts and get excited just like I do.

Creating exciting new creations using any type of product I can get my hands on.

Its working with beautiful flowers, fabrics and props

Its planning an event for months, putting it up in hours and pulling it down in minutes.

Its seeing the delight on my clients face when they walk through the door of the function

Making sure the day runs smoothly and the guests of honor are happy

Brainstorming with my amazing team and getting so excited at the possibilities of each function.

Its working with a team that gets me, that just a look at me and they know what needs to be done.

Its talking in code with my team a code that consists of looks, groans and funny half sentences put together whilst our minds are flying with what needs to be done.

I become friends with my clients, it becomes personal very personal.

Its satisfaction in the final product, so much satisfaction.

Sleep deprivation often finishing at 3 am and starting at 4 am

I WILL NOT LEAVE a venue unless everything is perfect.

It means being known for my ocd, being motivated and perfection traits and that’s ok with me 🙂

Overcoming hiccups along the way with a smile and grace

It means meeting amazing new clients and being part of thier big day

Most of all its about making their imagination come true.

That’s why it was LOVE at the first crazy idea!

Renee xxxx



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