Little Red Riding Hood


Little Red Riding Hood 1st Birthday for Baby Charlotte

Over the river through the woods to Granny’s house you go. “Beware of the Wolf” the sign reads as you walk past beautiful woodland flowers that line the driveway. Into the entry hall guests were asked to sign the guest book for Charlotte to keep as a momento when she gets older.

Walking into the lounge you are greeted by a beautiful sweets table, savory table and favors table. It felt like a woodland wonderland with red chair sashes and hanging red tissue paper pom-poms. The deep green moss and raw timber logs balanced and gave depth to the room.

I wanted to keep the feeling natural, organic yet sophisticated, so the savory and dessert tables were decorated with moss. The sweets table had all of Red’s favorites with apple-shaped cake pops, mushroom cookies and red apples. The savory table was filled with scrumptious sandwiches, scones and muffins. Accompanied by Red’s water bottles and Forest Fruit Punch.

My favorite was the favors table — the little Red’s all got a picnic basket and the little wolves received a campers swag stick both filled with chocolate truffles. Every family received a magnolia seedling to take home and watch it grow.

The children were kept busy with a painting production line with pictures of Red Riding Hood, Granny and the Wolf.                                                                                       ??????????????? _AMG7752 ???????????????

         ??????????????? ???????????????                                       ??????????????? ??????????????? _AMG7741  ???????????????                                 _AMG7738         ???????????????                                         ???????????????????????????? ??????????????? ???????????????


This has been one of my favorite party themes so unique in its own way.

Sophisticated and uncomplicated.  Renee xx

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