Twins = Twice as fun. First Birthday Carnival Extravaganza


1st Birthdays are a very special time. Its a celebration of the first year of your most cherished person/people, its a celebration for some parents including myself that you “made” it through the first 12 months ! Its also a celebration that you have a new family member or for first time parents that you have been a family for 12 months.

I feel honored that parents entrust Lottie and Me to Event plan, Style and be a part of their children’s first birthdays.



This special custom themed birthday for two sweet little girls was nothing less than what they and their fantastic parents deserved…Amazing. !!!


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The excitement grew for guests as they arrived at the venue entrance that had two large birthday carnival signs either side of the drive way decorated with balloons.

As the guests arrived at the entrance of The Mornington Park Pavillion  they were greeted to a large custom themed sign saying Audrey & Evie’s 1st Birthday followed by a ticket box. All children were greeted by our carnival attendant who handed them a “bag of fun” to collect their prizes and tickets for the day.

                10172675_10203444391247641_8992672241795422117_n                      10314570_10203444414648226_8094118174210740109_n                               1797377_10203444392487672_2016755648284686655_n

Once the guests walked through the dbl doors they entered a “big top” a wonderland of excitement awaited them. 10300312_10203444395927758_91327474700699686_nGame booths such as Tin Can Toss and Lucky Strike lined the walls. With a popcorn, fairy floss booths, Candy Cart, Personalized savory table, lemonade stand, game booth attendants and a balloon clown to complete the event!1959216_10203444388767579_3692642351010408422_n

                          10271526_10203444389727603_8478598242204430823_n  10295755_10203444391567649_6963252395287389538_n                                    10310959_10203444441528898_2151659925367914647_n

                                               10256836_10203444518650826_5265428780775796654_n                                                   10314635_10203444460489372_4093451179603921382_n

The birthday girls had such a fantastic birthday they loved the balloon clown and the bright colours.

They were so well behaved, first birthdays are often over whelming for little ones.Even falling asleep before the party had finished.

All the children loved playing the games, the adults had a go as well. Eating sweets, popcorn, fairy floss and more. It was a energy, laughter and happiness filled way to celebrate two beautiful girls 1st birthday.

           10247230_10203444390927633_9007994366449362932_n           10269426_10203448322185912_281399411976930904_n

Concept, Styling, Props by Lottie and Me                                                                Photography by Amy Sayle Photography                                                                                                                     Cake by Short n Sweet Cakes             Lets plan your dream event, contact us now ❤ ❤ ❤

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