DIY Tissue Paper Tassels

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Tissue paper tassel garlands are so popular at the moment every ones doing it!

Tassel garlands for table decor, as backdrops the possibilities are endless. !!!!!!!!!

 I stumbled across this DIY and thought I would share.

DIY Tissue Paper Tassel Garland:

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Now my true obsession is the HUGE Geronimo.

Either plain attached to string, tassels, ribbon the list is endless…

Oh my it was love at first sight, they make me feel young again and excited at the possibilities of the finished event we have planned.

They have the wow factor with how HUGE they are but bring a fun, playful, sweet finishing touch to any event. If it be a baby shower, birthday or wedding I always find an excuse to use them!!

I think my favorite is a Geronimo balloon with tassels the possibilities are endless with what product you can use for the tassels.

Why not add tassels to giant honeycomb balls or attach them to air filled balloons and attach them to the ceiling??? Just a thought hmmmm ( insert thinking music)

sorry you can tell I get excited by tassels and Geronimo balloons.


Instead of adding another DIY tutorial to the web. I thought I would share this  great DIY tissue paper Geronimo Balloon tassel tutorial instead.



Photo credits: 1. The Tom Kat Studio,, 3 & 4. The Alison show

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